Phoenix Contact

Technology for the future


Phoenix Contact, founded over 80 years ago in Germany is the world leader in industrial automation & connection technology. GOPS Automation® is an Authorized System Solutions Partner for Phoenix Contact PLC's and automation products.

Performance Class 100 Series Compact & Modular Inline Controller : The right controller for every application. An Inline controller, highly modular & expandable on the I/O level which supports all the industry-relevant sensor and actuator interfaces, from digital and analog inputs and outputs to function terminals for open and closed loop control. To integrate more distributed devices, an INTERBUS interface is available in addition to the Ethernet coupling. Every processor has an integrated web server and FTP server which can be accessed through the Ethernet interface. The web server holds all the graphic screens which can be accessed by a standard Computer or Netbook having Internet Browser. No need of an additional HMI package or SQL database which makes it the most cost-effective solution available in the market. The 100 series performance class offers the best performance and very attractive for small to medium-sized applications. In addition to the integrated web and FTP server, controllers of the 100 series performance class provide all protocols and transmission standards from IT technology without requiring expensive additional modules.