X-Force Availability Base Tariff

X-Force Availability Base Tariff provides a platform to capture real time Power generation, it's calculation, generation data and obtain actionable information for user. It shows the real time analysis based on power generation schedule. X-Force ABT system provides the Recording & Reporting of Power Generation data based on its Actual & Scheduled Generation. It helps user to plan amount of power generation as per demand and gain more profit.

Serviceability of Availability Base Tariff

Easy Calculation

X-Force Availability Base Tariff removes the conventional way of monitoring the system. The power generated and supplied are calculated easily using ABT. Different calculation of Heat Rate, forecast of cut off frequencies and target generation are done automatically in the ABT system.


Real-time data capturing

XABT has the feature of displaying all required ABT parameters in real-time at Control Room i.e. “Ex-bus generation”, “Net gain” and break-ups of generation on Gas / Liquid fuels. The power generation can be effective and more appropriate by this feature.


Power Generation Assistance

While generating the power in power generation plant that would be cater to different regions, ABT calculates the Heat Rate, forecast of 'cut off' frequencies and target generation. ABT displays the target generation to assist further decisions.


Signature Characteristics


Daily Report

The power in power generation plants has to be generated daily and in a calculated amount. To monitor the generation a report can be needed. ABT generated daily performance report to monitor the daily generation of power in the plant.



X-Force Availability Base Tariff generates audio / visual alarms for operator to get different alerts. The operator can customize the alerts as per he wants to get notification.


Customized Solutions

The XABT software system can be customized as per user’s requirement. Different modules can be added or removed from the software however the user require. No Special scripting is required from the customer to do this customization of the software system.