OPC Archiving & Analytics

Historical data has never been this easy to configure, store, and transfer. Exposing historical data using standards-based OPC HDA enables users to easily "tap-in" to the data flow at any point. MatrikonOPC has the tools you need to store, move, and access historical data.

OPC Excel Reporter - Easily create production & performance reports... Know More

Easy OPC Trender - Transform your OPC HDA data into knowledge... Know More

OPC Client for ODBC -Quickly log data into any database... Know More

OPC Desktop Historian - Lightweight historian for time-based data storage...Know More

OPC A&E Historian - Store A&E data from any data source into one repository... Know More

OPC History Link - Transfer and consolidate historical data between historians... Know More

OPC Buffer - Remote data collection and buffering tool... Know More

OPC Critical Event Buffer - High speed data capture for critical events... Know More

OPC HDA Explorer - Quickly connect to HDA OPC Server... Know More

Matrikon Condition Manager - Manage a condition management... Know More