Wonderware InTouch Training

Award winning Wonderware InTouch software is an open and extensible Supervisory HMI and SCADA solution that enables you to quickly create standardized, reusable visualization applications and then deploy them across your entire enterprise without leaving your office.
Used in over one-third of the world’s industrial facilities, 

Wonderware InTouch software continues to deliver business value by helping you :

  • Maximize Situational Awareness
  • Make Better Decisions
  • Drive for Maximum Performance

  • Capture Expert Knowledge
  • Accelerate Operator Training

  • Increase your Agility
  • Lower your Costs

  • Reduce Risk and Stay Secure
  • Securely Access your System from Any

Smart Device, Any Time, Anywhere

InTouch 2014 R2

The tag-based InTouch 2014 R2 course is focused on Modern InTouch application design. The Module provides a fundamental understanding of the basic principles of the Wonderware visualization module and the steps to develop a Human Machine Interface (HMI) system for your specific plant floor. You are guided through setup, layout, best practice concepts, features, and functions of the InTouch software. Hands-on labs reinforce concepts and features.


Upon completion of this Module, you will be able to :

  • Create a Modern In Touch Application

  • Construct a Key Performance Indicator display

  • Configure a DA Server

  • Establish communications with I/O-aware programs

  • Create, export, and import tags

  • Test and monitor tags

  • Build custom symbols

  • Visualize advanced interactive data presentations

  • Configure In Touch Alarms

  • Manage live and historical alarms

  • Configure Security

  • Configure, log, retrieve, and export In Touch history

  • View data in Real-time Trends

  • Backup and Restore an In Touch application

  • Distribute an application to the production environment