Wonderware QI Analyst Training

The Wonderware QI Analyst 8.0 Software course is a Recorded Instructor-Led Training that provides a basic overview of Wonderware QI Analyst 8.0 software.

This training discusses Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts and powerful statistical procedures that identify variations and help a production line run smoothly. These powerful statistical tools automatically test data against statistical rules to detect trends, runs, patterns, and outliers; the software immediately charts and identifies violations. This training also discusses the steps to create customizable alarm alerts. These alarms help users to solve quality problems immediately when any unnatural violations occur in the data.

The course includes demonstrations that supply and reinforce the knowledge needed to install, configure, customize, and link to Wonderware QI Analyst 8.0 software. Students will then perform the labs after viewing the demonstrations.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to : 

 Configure data tables
  • Configure variables and attributes
  • Set rules, causes/actions, and alarms
  • Filter data and set control limits
  • Customize and set data table preferences
  • Establish a link to external data