Utility Management System

X-Force Utility Information System (UIS) is a system comprising of Hardware and Software tools enabling  plant personnel to Monitor, Control and Optimize the performance of the various Utilities being used i.e. Steam, Air, Natural Gas, Water and Electrical Energy.  It gathers information, store and analyze data based on user logic. Provides vital information for Energy Generation, Consumption and Losses, in form of dashboard, a easy to understand and user friendly interface. It concentrates more on resolving Energy related issues rather than just acquiring the data.

Serviceability of Utility Management System

Personalized alerts

The Utility Management System allows user to set the personalized set points for the alerts. The user can himself set the range or criteria, at which point he should get alerts.



The UIS architecture will consist of redundant UIS servers. Using redundant server if one ser fails or loose connection even for a little time then the another server for UIS will immediately start working. Doing this the work or monitoring will not be stopped or paused.


Calculations & Reconciliation

The calculations related to different utilities can be done in Utility Management System(UIS). Even the Availability Base Tariff can directly be calculated with the UIS to calculate generation and usage of different utilities in the plant. User can also get the report of overall usage and generation of the particular energy and according to that, the reconciliation of energy can be done.


Signature Characteristics


Cumulative Roll-Over

If the currently working and synced meter fails or is been changed the UIS will store its reading details. And after replacing the meter the reading at which the previous meter was stopped, the new meter will continue the reading from that count. This is the feature which accumulates the roll over of reading and meter change.


Multiple Configuration

The Utility Management System supports OLEDB, OPC-DA, SQL Connectivity to acquire data from almost any source like Ethernet, Serial, OPC, ODBC, GPRS, PLC buffers, Pulse, Data Concentrators, ODBC, FTP, etc. 


Web Configurator

The UIS web based software, can be configured from anywhere from browser. Configuration of devices, screens, trends, history, alarms and reports can be done easily with UIS. Separate security is provided in multiple plants as per role architecture. It support multiple vendor devices configuration.