Wonderware Alarm Advisor

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Wonderware Alarm Advisor is an interactive alarm analysis tool that can help you discover and rationalize nuisance alarms in your SCADA system through benchmarking and analysis. It provides a holistic view of your plant operations and can help analyze plant upsets and optimize system performance.

Alarm Adviser Delivers :

  • Interactive visual analysis of your alarm history
  • Tools to identify and rationalize nuisance alarms
  • Powerful functionality
  • Means to target best practice industry standards using KPI’s and dashboards

Providing the Right Advice to Improve Operator Efficiency

Wonderware Alarm Adviser is scalable, web-based alarm analysis software that helps you discover nuisance alarms in the process system through interactive visual analysis. It provides a single means of identifying frequent, standing, fleeting and consequential alarms, and enabling companies to monitor key performance indicators of their existing alarm system.

Alarm Adviser can help you realize the following benefits : 

  • Greater insight into alarm data
  • Improved operator awareness
  • Reduced risks of downtime
  • Improved plant performance and reliability

Features and Capabilities

  • Highly interactive graphical user interface makes alarm analysis easy for engineers
  • Customizable dashboard makes it possible to benchmark and maintain alarm system performance in line with standard alarm guidelines or local facility goals
  • User configurable widgets can be added to the dashboard, such as  
   Alarm Severity Distribution : Displays the distribution of alarm severity (e.g. critical, high, medium, low) in a specified period
 Alarm Rate Shows the peak or average alarm rate over a period of time for the selected interval per operator
  • Allows filtering alarms for a given time period (by severity, time of day, day of week, message, plant area, alarm category)
  • Interactive timeline bar that allows users to zoom in on a specific time range
  • Interactive visual analysis of alarm history facilitates detailed analysis of a dataset, which can be exported to CSV format
  • Top 10 views of the most frequent, fleeting (short duration) and standing (long duration) alarms show which alarms should be targeted first
  • Alarm correlation capability provides information for engineers to implement state-based suppression (a new feature in WW System Platform), improving the ability of an operator to discover the root cause of an issue
  • User Favorite option allows filters and time periods to be saved and shared with other users for collaboration or to recall a pre-defined analysis period
  • Supports HTML5 technology; compatibility with tablets enables anytime, anywhere access to alarm data