Device Integration (Universal Connectivity)

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Wonderware leads the industry with the broadest set of connectivity options to control hardware and communications protocols needed to support supervisory, plant performance, and production management systems. Connectivity, communications and ease of use are hallmarks of Wonderware’s® broad line of Device Integration products, which include DAServers (Data Access Servers), Device Integration (DI) Objects, Proxy Objects, I/O Servers, FactorySuite (FS) Gateway, Tag Creators and more. Wonderware’s device integration offerings continuously grow and evolve, with new products and enhanced features, such as powerful diagnostics, redundant communications, data level security, native OPC® connectivity and improved deployment capabilities.


 Outstanding Integration. DAServers and I/O Servers provide optimum integration with FactorySuite components.
  • Security. ArchestrA Security in System Platform Products extends to the data level, so reads and writes to devices and external systems do not have to be customized using scripts.
  • Ease of Use. Thanks to Wonderware’s Microsoft® Management Console DAServer Manager, DAServers can be activated, deactivated, configured and monitored locally or from remote nodes.
  • Built-in Diagnostics. DAServers increase the availability of built-in system diagnostics, for prompt troubleshooting and optimization.
  • Expandable. DAServers are designed for the future. Their unique architecture allows for the easy integration of new client protocols as they emerge.
  • Support For OPC. Wonderware’s System Platform product family, enabled by Invensys’ ArchestrA™ architecture, provides native client connectivity to OPC Servers.