Wonderware Enterprise Integrator

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Wonderware Enterprise Integrator offers powerful site to enterprise integration capabilities for linking Wonderware Software or ArchestrA System Platform based applications and additional third party software applications with enterprise systems including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Supply Chain Management (SCM) or Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS). The software facilitates automatic exchange and transformation of production-related information. It helps to manage abnormal situations like interrupted connections or loss of data by automatic store and forward and allows users to resend or adjust transactions, based on a full detailed message history.


Typical integration scenarios include connecting business systems with Wonderware MES Software, Wonderware InBatch, Wonderware Intelligence, and ArchestrA System Platform. In fact, it is possible to connect any business system or additional third party automation application on the shop floor.
Wonderware Enterprise Integrator allows you to connect multiple applications, so one consistent approach for plant to enterprise integration is adopted, eliminating isolated silos of information and high maintenance point-to-point integrations, and reducing IT maintenance costs.


  • Increased manufacturing supply chain efficiency through reliable and optimized information flow between the shop floor, MES, ERP and peripheral business systems
  • Enables business continuity on the shop floor loosely coupling your plant floor applications to the ERP
  • Enables the deployment of a consistent Plant to Enterprise integration IT strategy throughout the enterprise
  • Fosters standards and discipline for information management : eliminates duplicate entry of data (BOMs, Recipes, etc.) and enables information stewardship to appropriate people and systems


  • Reliable system-to-system and plant-to-enterprise information exchange : Mediates and guarantees information exchange between systems
  • Provides ‘Store & Forward’ capability enabling fast recovery from system interruptions 
  • Management of custom data transformation, with data translation and system connectivity through plug-ins 
  • Comprehensive message history for sophisticated error handling and business continuity 

Support for industrial standards : 

  • Flexible message delivery capabilities including Web Services, File Drop, FTP, MSMQ, XML, HTTP, and SOAP
  • Supports B2MML message definitions based upon ISA-S95 standards
  • Message repository leveraging Microsoft® SQL Server™

Ease of use for configuration and administration : 

  • Web based user interface provides simplified user access for system monitoring, manual operator intervention and configuration menus
  • OS - based security; users and user groups can be associated with privileges required for any action a user or role might need to perform