Specialized Time Series Historian

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Wonderware Historian is the first, large volume plant data historian to unite a high-speed data acquisition and storage system with a traditional relational database management system, facilitating access to plant data using open database standards.

A complete and accurate operational history provides a foundation for faster troubleshooting and easier discovery of high value process improvement opportunities.
  • Flexible, scalable implementation options reduce IT costs and accelerate system ROI. High availability and disaster recovery options help ensure business continuity.
  • Comprehensive reporting and data analysis options enable more team members to gain value from your process history and having access to data enhances collaboration

Wonderware® Historian is a high-performance process historian, capable of storing huge volumes of data generated from today’s industrial facilities. Historian easily retrieves and securely delivers information to desktop or mobile devices, enabling organizations to analyze processes anywhere at any time.

Highly Scalable and Flexible

Wonderware Historian offers greater scalability and more deployment options than ever before. Historian can collect and store all of your vital process, alarm and event data up to 2 million tags.
Wonderware Historian can be deployed to monitor a single process or an entire facility. It can expand as a tiered Historian, capable of storing data locally and aggregating data at the corporate level to simplify the most demanding data reporting and analysis requirements.

Data Integrity

In many industries like Upstream Oil & Gas or Water & Wastewater, remote facilities are connected via low bandwidth data communications systems. Network efficiency is a key consideration. Wonderware Historian has increased network efficiency by up to 92% so all of your high resolution data is captured accurately every time.

Data can also be intermittent, late, or come in bursts, straining the ability of a historian to keep up. The high performance Wonderware Historian data storage engine can handle data bursts of late data without adversely affecting system loading. Wonderware Historian can even handle data coming in from systems with mismatched system clocks, preserving the correct data sequence automatically.

Regardless of your industry, Wonderware Historian delivers the high levels of data integrity required by today’s most demanding companies

Business Continuity

Business continuity is a growing concern among leading industrial companies. How do you ensure that your plant historian keeps functioning if a computer system fails or if you experience a natural or man-made disaster?

With Wonderware Historian, it is simple to create distributed configurations that address your business continuity concerns. A ‘Tier 2’ system can serve as a data repository for backup of critical information, or multiple Tier 2 systems can enable replication of all of your historical data. Multiple Tier 1 systems can feed either their complete data stream or just summary, aggregated data, to one or more Tier 2 systems. Tiered architectures guard against possible data loss and provide valuable summary data for system performance analysis.

Data access and visualization is also ensured by our tiered historian approach. Connected instances of the Wonderware Historian Client, a data analysis and reporting application, automatically switch to a designated backup historian if the primary historian goes down. When the primary historian comes back online, all connected Historian Client instances automatically switch back to the primary server.