Wonderware Historian Client

Wonderware Historian Client data analysis and reporting software places real-time and historical process data into the hands of the people most responsible for plant performance : operators, engineers and operations managers. 

Wonderware Historian Client provides data trending and reporting capabilities that enable workers to quickly troubleshoot issues and identify cost-saving opportunities. A perfect complement to the Wonderware Historian, Historian Client is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office, allowing novices to publish historical reports to the Web or company intranet site.

Gain Better Visibility into Your Processes 

Wonderware® Historian Client, tightly integrated with Wonderware Historian, generates real-time and historical data charts and reports allowing operators, engineers and decision makers to quickly visualize what is happening during a production run, a batch or any industrial process. 

Wonderware Historian Client reports and data trends can be viewed, analyzed and consumed via your desktop or laptop. Historian Client content can also be consumed via web browser, or through external applications such as Microsoft® Office®Wonderware InTouch® HMI or even custom software clients. Historian Client supports Cloud based applications, Microsoft SQL Server® 2014 and the new Open Data Protocol (OData) data access interface, delivering on our commitment of using the latest software technologies.

Rich Data Analysis and Reporting 

The Historian Client’s rich data analysis and reporting experience gives you powerful ad hoc query capabilities, as well as preconfigured trending tools needed to drill down into data details to evaluate trends, find root causes, and determine the best solutions to critical process issues. 

Plant IT personnel tasked with creating and maintaining production reports and regulatory reports can use Historian Client to pull important information out of the huge volume of plant process data stored in Wonderware Historian. 

Historian Client enables you to easily mine data stored in Historian and other SQL data sources. No prior knowledge of SQL is required since a simple tag browser is used to find and select individual tags or entire public or private tag groups. A wide range of standard query types are available. 

Historian Client Components

Wonderware Historian Client includes multiple applications designed to maximize the value of data stored in Wonderware Historian. 

These applications give you access to plant and process data through easy-to-use interfaces. Historian Client can help plant workers quickly troubleshoot problems, study potential operational inefficiencies and eliminate the time-consuming process of locating data.