Wonderware Informaiton Server

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Wonderware Information Server software offers a single, secure Web solution for delivering critical operational data to all roles in the industrial organization, from the boardroom to the production floor.

Wonderware Information Server aggregates and presents plant performance and production data via a web solution that is easy to implement. Process graphics, trends, dashboards, reports, downtime, events, traceability and genealogy are all viewable through a secure Information Server portal. Each worker can have a customized view of plant operations helping maximize each worker’s effectiveness.


Wonderware Information Server software facilitates better workforce collaboration and decision making through greater visibility of actual plant performance. Wonderware Information Server minimizes the cost of publishing operational data through an IT friendly web server concept and “out of the box” conguration tools.

Enhance Collabortion

To be most effective, the entire workforce needs to be engaged in process improvement initiatives. Accurate and timely information is vital in unlocking the creative talents of workers.

Information Server provides workers the detailed and timely data they need to solve problems faster and discover hidden opportunities. Since Information Server is a web solution it is easy for workers to tap into this source of information from just about anywhere, helping drive greater collaboration.


To solve process problems quickly you need the proper context. You need information from a variety of data sources displayed together so you can understand the entire process scenario. Wonderware Information Server’s OverView does just that. It provides an integrated view of process, alarm and production history using an innovative “information model” with the latest Microsoft Windows 8 look and feel. OverView provides a rich user experience over the web with automatic data updates so you always see the latest data along with the historical context, vital for rapid analysis.

Process Graphics Anywhere

Real-time process visualization displays can be viewed from anywhere — via the Web or company intranet. Operations, facilities management and engineering personnel have a direct view into critical processes, enabling better collaboration and troubleshooting.

InTouch HMI process graphics, including ArchestrA® Graphics, can be easily published to the web via the Wonderware Information Server software. Process adjustments can be accomplished remotely using the Wonderware Information Server’s optional write-back functionality.

Wonderware Information Server Features

Wonderware Information Server has a rich set of features to make access to critical process and production information easy, including :  

  • Real-time and historical information from Wonderware supervisory systems, historians, manufacturing execution systems, batch systems, mobile solutions and many other third party systems
  • OverView, providing rich data analysis capabilities that includes historical context 
  • TableWeaver, allowing drill-down reporting capabilities
  • Embedded Historian Client capabilities, including feature-rich trend charts and X-Y scatter plots
  • Out of the box reporting content, based on Microsoft® SQL Server® Reporting Services
  • EMI (Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence) dashboards and drill-down analysis can be provided by Wonderware Intelligence Software
  • Any database or historian that supports ADO/ODBC connections can be accessed and included in data reports and analysis displays
  • Third-party systems via open interfaces such as HTTP or content available as HTML reports can be incorporated into Wonderware Information Server