Wondereare IntelaTrac

Brochure Datasheet 

Wonderware IntelaTrac enables manufacturers and processors to achieve reliable, safe and profitable operations through consistent execution of best practices by the field workforce — accelerating and sustaining mainstream process improvements.


  • Key success factor for field operational excellence
  • Helps steward the consistent execution of best practices
  • Provides strategy for monitoring stranded assets
  • Supports rapid response to changing business conditions
  • Key success factor for equipment reliability
  • Helps assimilate new field workers
  • Underlies compliance, health and safety program requirements

The Industry-leading Mobile Workforce and Decision Support System

Wonderware® IntelaTrac® accelerates and sustains operational process improvements and is a key component of an effective Operations Management System. IntelaTrac helps insure that best operating and regulatory procedures are followed at all times, data is collected on non-instrumented plant assets, critical environmental, health and safety inspections are performed on schedule and mobile operators have the information at their fingertips to operate plant assets in the most effective manner possible.

Helping Your Front Line Manage Your Bottom Line

Operational Excellence starts with operators. IntelaTrac brings the field operator into the automation loop by utilizing a combination of workforce management software, mobile handheld computers, monitoring devices and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) equipment tags or bar codes. This mobile framework results in a significantly improved decision support system for managing plant assets.

Workers are easily guided through a question and answer process which helps uncover hidden bottlenecks and process or equipment problems. If problems are found, IntelaTrac can immediately guide workers through additional steps or actions to properly identify and address the developing issue.

IntelaTrac exception-based, web reports keep everyone on the team up-to-speed on the current state of plant operations.

IntelaTrac Software Development Kit (SDK) ensures the lowest total cost of ownership by adding a highly extensible mobile framework.

Enforce Best Operating Procedures

Best practices are only meaningful if they are consistently and broadly applied across an enterprise. IntelaTrac rounds are presented to mobile workers and each step can be tracked to ensure compliance and accountability.

Strategy for Stranded Assets

Stranded or non-instrumented assets often represent 40 to 60% of your asset base but are too often “invisible” to management. IntelaTrac provides a cost effective strategy for monitoring and reporting back on the performance of stranded assets.