BPM - SKELTA (Workflow Solution)

 Wonderware Skelta BPM is advanced business process management and workflow software for managing activity flow involving people or systems, inside or outside an organization. It enables companies to model, execute, analyze and improve operational processes to drive higher levels of productivity, collaboration and innovation. 

Connectivity to automated production processes through Wonderware System Platform integration and third party manufacturing operations applications allows for a true end-to-end operational process management and a platform to standardize processes across industrial enterprises.

Wonderware Skelta BPM advanced workflow software changes all that. As the workflow platform for Wonderware Manufacturing Operations Management applications, it provides the capability to manage, enforce and document processes cross-company, replacing manual processes and paperwork with electronic workflows. It encompasses everything from routine operations to escalated responses  to critical plant operating conditions.

Following are among the benefits that can be expected from implementing Wonderware Skelta BPM:

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Enforcement of standard operational procedures (SOP’s)
  • Elimination of paper documents with electronic forms and information views
  • Increased collaboration across functional domains
  • Improved compliance to internal and external regulatory mandates
  • Process execution visibility  and  monitoring of organizational performance
  • Integration with the automated processes and enterprise systems
  • Standardization of operational business processes across multiple locations