Wonderware Online

Brochure Datasheet 

Wonderware® Online™ is a “Software as a Service” (SaaS) that provides a cost effective solution for process equipment providers wanting to offer value added information services to their customers, or for end users wanting a simple reporting and analysis solution without the worry of IT or infrastructure support.


  • Cost-effective information solution 
  • Improves troubleshooting and warranty investigations
  • Improves collaboration for better process control, visibility
  • For OEMs, adds value to your products

Information for All

To operate process equipment more reliably and efficiently, you need real-time and historical data on key performance parameters. Traditional process historian reporting solutions are often not cost-effective for small footprint sites or individual pieces of process equipment provided by an OEM.

Wonderware brings Wonderware Online as a managed information solution to address the needs of both the OEM community, ensuring your customer’s satisfaction by providing more value to your equipment, as well as the end user, who needs a solution for data collection, reporting and analysis for a small plant or area where IT resources are scarce.

Information Service For OEMs

As an industrial equipment provider, you can help ensure your customer’s satisfaction by providing more value to your solution. One affordable way to do this is to offer value-added information services from Wonderware that help your customers better understand the condition and performance of their equipment. Wonderware Online is a managed solution that collects data on an individual piece of process equipment, and then delivers this information to all types of personnel, regardless of location. 

To operate process equipment more reliably and efficiently your customers need real-time and historical data on key performance parameters. However, traditional process historians and reporting solutions are often not cost effective for individual pieces of process equipment.

Information Solution For End Users

How often have you needed visibility on a process or context on an event, and not had the information to provide details to supplement your decision making?Been stuck in a budget loop where CAPEX isn’t available? Or simply need to scale your solution beyond what’s already available, but limited on IT or other infrastructure resources?

Wonderware Online is your answer. A bundled offering of a historian and reporting clients gives you turnkey access to your real-time operations data in a format optimized for acquisition, and subsequent analysis of performance, in a variety of formats to fill your needs for information consumption.

Easy To Deploy

When you use Wonderware Online, you are using a yearly service, managed and supported by Wonderware. Wonderware configures and manages the service with little to no local IT support required.

Since Wonderware Online is a service, you can use it in different ways. OEMs can bundle it with equipment or offer it as an add-on service. It can be used by service staff or as a way to improve the collaboration between your company and your customers. Or, as a Software as a Service, an end user can simply purchase an annual subscription, without the worry or burden of additional infrastructure, IT, or other asset or operating costs.