Schneider Electric PLANT PAX DCS

DCS for hybrid applications (PlantStruxure PES) PlantStruxure PES (Process Expert System) is the new, innovative process automation system from Schneider Electric.


By bringing together the best of the PLC/SCADA and DCS worlds, it meets the demands of today’s production facilities and delivers on growing energy management requirements.

Tight integration of the system ensures efficiency from design engineering through to operation – your engineers can develop the configuration faster and more accurately, your operators have all your data at their fingertips for better insight and to optimize the process, and your maintenance teams can diagnose and solve problems faster to avoid and reduce the downtime of your facility.

PlantStruxure PES helps you make the right decisions at the right time…which leads to increased up time for the whole plant and directly impacts your bottom line.

Value Proposition

PlantStruxure PES is the innovative Process Automation System that brings together the best from the PLC/SCADA and DCS worlds and combines this with integrated energy management features to deliver superior value throughout the life-cycle of a plant

  • Ethernet-based, energy aware architectures for simplicity and performance
  • Powerful and scalable controller platform to suit the requirements of your application
  • Single environment for engineering, operation and maintenance
  • Open and extensible objects and object libraries.
  • Differentiation Factors

    PlantStruxure PES gives you the power to embed active energy management into your process, helping you to reduce waste by integrating energy and process data in one system.