WhatsUp Gold

Get at-a-glance up/down status and performance information for network devices, servers, storage and wireless - whether in the cloud or on-premises. Expand your management tool kit by adding proactive monitoring for network traffic, applications, virtual environments and device configurations – all through the same intuitive interface.

WhatsUp Professional 2006 is a powerful network monitoring solution designed to help you protect your growing business. WhatsUp Professional uses a relational database to store information about the devices on your network that are being monitored by the application. That information allows the application to effectively watch over your network by actively polling devices and services, or by listening for messages sent across your network. Depending on the response from this polling, WhatsUp Professional then fires Actions based on the device state change that is invoked by the response or message. WhatsUp Professional provides a series of reports that lets you view real-time and historical data based on the devices and monitors configured in your database.

Monitor any mix of applications, network, servers, VMs and traffic flows all with one flexible license to minimize cost and maximize value. An interactive network map helps you visualize your end-to-end network, find developing problems and fix them fast so you can keep your users happy and productive.

Proactively monitor networks, traffic, physical servers, VMs and applications with powerful and easy-to-use maps, dashboards and alerts. Click on any device to get immediate access to a wealth of related monitoring settings and reports. Easily switch between physical, virtual, wireless and dependency views to accelerate root cause analysis. The result is simpler, more intuitive troubleshooting that lets you find and fix problems faster than ever.

WhatsUp Gold features our TotalView consumption-based licensing approach. Monitor any mix of networks, servers, virtual machines, applications, traffic flows across Windows, LAMP, Java and cloud environments. Reallocate licenses wherever and whenever you want without additional cost.

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