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Our mission is to groom IT Talent along with bridging the gap between academic and professional world. Training at SSM will provide the benchmark of best industrial practice to discover your full potential which will be helpful to stay on top of the latest developments. Your dedications and our commitment will ensure excellence and outstanding results to every individuals.

Software Training

Over the years we have developed an edge in state of technologies which will make you successful software developer. We are using various techniques to make the learning for the trainee more comfortable & meaningful. Our tutorials consist of introduction of the topic, purpose with the priorities & preferences of the order in which the topic will be covered. Tutorials enhance the knowledge of the trainees on the theoretical aspects of the subjects under considerations. Training will be imparted based on case studies which depicts actual scenario of industrial/customer requirements. At SSM, we are providing SSM Certified Training program on technologies like ASP.Net, Android, PHP, Java, HTML & CSS, JQuery, JavaScript etc. At SSM, we provide Summer Internship Program ,Academic Training & Advanced Industrial Training on below mentioned technologies under S/W Training Portion. & find attached mail with it & change accordingly.

Microsoft .Net

  • Get basic knowledge of OOPs concepts, SQL Queries & SDLC for Industrial Level Application Development.
  • Study of .NET framework architecture & its components.
  • Learn c# language in with keywords, identifiers, operators with different Controls, Master page, Jquery, Javascripts.
  • Knowledge of connectivity with database using ADO.NET
  • Get acquainted with 3 – tire architecture & advance concepts
  • C/C++

  • Knowledge of its history, structure, keyword and identifier,variables,decision making, iteration
  • Types of loops, jumping statement, arrays,string operations
  • Types of functions, recursive function, structures and unions, pointers,linked list, file handling,command line argument
  • OOPS feature in C++ programming language, different functions, constructor and destructor
  • Know about data hiding, inheritance, polymorphism, overloading, virtual functions, friend functions
  • PHP

  • Get basic knowledge of OOPs concepts, SQL Queries & SDLC.
  • Learn PHP programming language.
  • Acquire knowledge of connectivity with MySQL.
  • Learn HTML5 & Css3 - Get introduced to advanced concepts & frameworks.
  • Android

  • Get basic knowledge of OOPs concepts, SQL Queries & SDLC.
  • Get introduced to JAVA Programming.
  • Learn about Android programming , Working with android UI & different components.
  • Acquire knowledge of connectivity with SQLite.
  • Learn concept of web services, parsing & advance concepts.
  • Web Design

  • Get introduced to web designing.
  • Learn web designing with HTML5 , CSS 3 & JavaScript.
  • Learn the basics of bootstrap.
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