Wonderware Historian Client

Wonderware Historian Client is powerful analysis and reporting software that taps into your Wonderware Historian to put near real-time and historical production details in the hands of operators, engineers and operations managers. Generating real-time and historical data charts and reports has never been easier. Operators, engineers and decision makers can get an instant snapshot of what is happening during any industrial process. They can view and analyze reports and data trends on their desktop, laptop or web browser; through applications such as Microsoft Office, Wonderware InTouch HMI; or even through custom software clients.


High Availability and Business Continuity

Wonderware Historian Client takes full advantage of Wonderware Historian redundancy capabilities. If the primary historian goes offline, the Historian Client automatically switches to a secondary historian. Once the primary historian is back online, Historian Client automatically switches back to the primary, without interruption to the user.


Wonderware Historian Client is built on Wonderware System Platform, which allows unprecedented scalability and functional richness in industrial applications. With System Platform users can build complete production and performance management solutions using a single, integrated development platform — saving time and development resources. Applications can start small and grow into a complete enterprise solution as required.

Client Control Objects

A powerful library of component-based .NET and ActiveX control versions enables extension of the Wonderware Historian Client to custom applications. These components are highly compatible with Wonderware HMI InTouch and third-party container applications, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and the Visual Studio development system.