Wonderware Intelligence

Wonderware operational intelligence software synthesizes data from across the plant, revealing relationships that would be all but invisible otherwise. It models Big Data into manageable chunks, so that industrial teams can track performance against the metrics that matter most – in time enough to make a difference.


You can directly know more about Wonderware Intelligence just by downloading the documents from here.

Download Intelligence Brochure

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Monetize your data

Easy-to-use configuration tools help define cost, production, quality, energy, material consumption and other metrics from disparate data sources. The powerful transformation engine of Wonderware Intelligence computes those metrics at the right time and renders them consumable by presentation, planning and data warehousing software.

Synthesize data from everywhere

Blend data from Wonderware or third party applications. Tap into the power of Wonderware System Platform as well as your MES, ERP, LIMS or PDM, for a truly consistent enterprise wide view. See transactional and historian data in mutual context.

Keep your eye on the ball

Monitor production, materials consumption, quality, energy utilization or other metrics via intuitive, intelligent dashboards. See, correct, improve or maintain, more easily and effectively. Keep everyone in the game.

Hit the ground running

Predefined data models shorten time-to-insight significantly. See value from day one.

Be your own IT expert

See patterns, trends and gain other insight in seconds -- without coding, wizards or scripts, via the integrated Tableau Software self-service desktop.

Be your own designer

Use best-in-class graphical tools to build dashboards, display data and create reports. Integrate Intelligence content into commonly used platforms such as Microsoft SharePoint and Wonderware Information Server.

Be persistent

Store queries, reports and procedures for future use. Collaborate with co-workers by sharing your visualizations and insights.

Be flexible

It scales from a single site/single server to multiple servers for hosting data from multiple sites.

Be self-reliant

Eliminates the need for IT services to create reports and dashboards, allowing the users to create desired artifacts on their own.