Wonderware MES Operations

Using this software your teams can access job schedules, bills of materials, product specifications, work instructions, inventory utilization, product genealogy, material traceability and all other key production elements - in action, in consort and in context. Manage work order execution, enforce products build to specification and capture all execution detail and material flow information in real time on the shop floorSuch coordination can increase efficiencies, reduce errors, improves quality and increase product yields dramatically. Inventory turns faster, production lead times shrink, new products get to market faster and much else.

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You can directly know more about Wonderware MES Operations just by downloading the documents from here.

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Achieve increased manufacturing supply chain efficiency and business agility through reliable and optimized information flow between shop floor operations and business operations. Automatic downloading and execution of the production schedule as well as finished production and scrap are recorded against each order, shift and plant equipment, and can be made available to everybody in the organization.


Manage local dispatching of production work orders to lines and machines according to available capacity. Shop floor operators have instant visibility of any schedule changes and can execute production orders according to a timely plan and order. Manage master data for manufacturing operations such as processes, recipes, bills-of-material and quality specifications. Reduce lead times by delivering appropriate process information (work instructions, process and equipment setup specifications) to operators and automated equipment.


Increase real-time visibility of work orders and priorities for optimal execution. Improve predictability of order fulfillment by accurately monitoring ‘planned vs. actual’ production dates and production quantities. Improve inventory velocity through increased visibility into actual material consumptions and inventory movements in real time. Reduce variance in production results by controlling and monitoring operational activities through standardized production methods, procedures and specifications.


Generate electronic records of operational execution, including detailed information necessary to document finished products production, including product genealogy, traceability of materials, production sign-offs, and labor certifications to provide compliance and governance to internal or external regulatory bodies.


Identify best practices and unify operational processes across multiple plants; standardize ERP integration and shop floor integration with the adaptability to local needs, using a scalable, flexible manufacturing IT platform.


Scale the following features for any project:

  • Bill of Material (BOM) Definition
  • Production Management & WIP Execution
  • Production Event Tracking
  • Inventory and Storage Management
  • Procedural Steps, Work Instructions & Document Management