Wonderware MES Performance

Wonderware MES/Performance software provides automatic data collection on production and packaging lines. It captures short stoppage events, freeing line operators from manual data collection tasks and provides immediate feedback on unexpected or trending conditions. Clear indications of line bottlenecks, visibility to real time performance metrics and drill down analytics empower stakeholders with actionable information to effectively increase line performance and operating efficiencies.

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You can directly know more about Wonderware MES/Performance software just by downloading the documents from here.

Download Product Datasheet

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Leverage automated production line equipment and control systems connectivity to production and utilization data collection for downtime event tracking. Capture OEE KPI calculations in real time.


Use line performance monitoring to improve the predictability of order fulfillment, with accurate “planned vs. actual” production rates and production quantities.


Communicate critical, real-time equipment downtime and line performance information to operators and decision-makers, enabling them to take immediate actions to improve plant performance and productivity.


Understand line and equipment performance history data and reports with drill down analysis capabilities. Empower stakeholders to gain new insights into events that impact line performance. Armed with Performance information, develop strategies to increase and sustain asset utilization and line capacity.


Create and roll out equipment-centric, reusable performance KPI standards to compare line-to-line and equipment-to-equipment performance effectiveness, and other characteristics to establish best practices across your enterprise.