Wonderware QI Analyst

With Wonderware QI Analyst you can monitor critical process and product characteristics in real time and empower your plant team to proactively ensure production quality and consistency. It provides an industrial SPC system by combining powerful statistical techniques with real-time communication to shop floor systems and plant data source openness.


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Download Product Datasheet

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Monitor process variation and quality trends in real time

Using powerful SPC analysis, operators and plant decision-makers can take action to ensure production quality and consistency. Plant floor operators can monitor critical quality parameters in process charts and receive alarm notification if any control limit, specification limit or statistical rule is violated. The tight integration of QI Analyst software with Wonderware InTouch HMI and Wonderware System Platform enhances your system visualization capabilities and alarm management features.

Improve your performance by analyzing your process history data

Integration with Wonderware Historian makes it easy to analyze your process data using statistical process control methods. In addition, QI Analyst software can leverage historical data from most data sources within the plant. The software can quickly analyze data, plot trends and variations providing critical information about the performance of your plant processes.