Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus

Recipe Manager Plus is commercial off-the-shelf recipe management software for simplification of recipe deployment, optimization and execution on automated equipment in manufacturing operations. The software helps to manage more product variations, to increase operational efficiency and enforces product quality through increased process automation and repeatability.

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You can directly know more about Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus just by downloading the documents from here.

Download Product Datasheet

Recipe Manager DatasheetDownload Link


Download Formulas

Download formula parameters and processes to most any automation system controlling the appropriate unit, work cells or lines in batch-oriented or hybrid manufacturing processes.


Shared data on recipe adoption and operational and equipment optimization results in consistent processes and maximum product quality. The intuitive Web interface empowers your workforce to manage more product variations and execute product changeover processes securely and quickly.

Execute Recipes

Manage recipe procedure execution, with the option to monitor the execution status in a sequential function chart (SFC) or grid view.


Automatic electronic records of recipe versions and execution details, lead quickly to the golden batch setup for recipe fine tuning and enforce the recipe limits that maximize production output.


Role-based security, automatic recipe versioning, approval, automatic change and execution history records provide governance and reduce the cost of compliance.


Embed the operator interface in an existing HMI or in browsers on panels, workstations or any mobile device with an HTML5 compatible browser. OPC UA and integration with Wonderware System platform options enable integration with any production equipment control system.


Interact with Recipe Manager Plus through a secure Web-based user interface, reducing the implementation and administration efforts required to access software functionality anywhere on your network. Use Wonderware ArchestrA Security Token Service for highly secure SSL encryption.


Improve productivity on a single site or scale to a large, enterprise implementation.


Use of commercial off-the-shelf components with an unique process modeling approach ensures consistency across single or multiple sites.