Wonderware Skelta BPM

As the workflow platform for Wonderware Manufacturing Operations Management applications, it provides the capability to manage, enforce and document processes cross-company, replacing manual processes and paperwork with electronic workflows. It encompasses everything from routine operations to escalated responses to critical plant operating conditions.


You can directly know more about Wonderware Skelta BPM just by downloading the documents from here.

Download Product Datasheet

Skelta BPM Datasheet Download Link



Synchronize manual and automated operations. Event-triggered work flows connect people-based processes with real-time automation.


A common user interface allows users to access information that is generated and maintained in multiple, disparate applications.


Easy connections to legacy and third party applications and devices maintain the existing investment while increasing the level of integration and collaboration.

Reduce error and inconsistency

Electronic forms with drop down lists and data validation logic mitigate the risks related to error-prone manual data entry processes.


Regulatory and standards compliance enforcement and documentation support ensures that everyone is executing on plan.

Reduce setup and configuration time

Reusable templates for Industry specific processes such as standard operating procedures, approvals, and work processes reduce deployment time and enforce consistency.

Create clear audit trails

Activity monitoring tools, drill-down reporting, dashboard views and electronic signatures enable clear audit trails and improve compliance.

Enterprise mobility

A platform-neutral Web interface and applications for mobile devices keep more of your mobile workforce connected with mission-critical processes.

Eliminate paper

Electronic records eliminate the inaccuracy, rigidity and cost of paper records.