Wonderware Industrial Computers

Put the world-leading InTouch HMI to work immediately by ordering it pre-installed on a Wonderware industrial computer or panel PC. InTouch Panel PCs are the perfect anchor component for your hardware or software standardization. They offer a single, powerful HMI visualization platform across all your plant needs from machine level, manufacturing line and process supervisory applications.

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You can directly know more about Wonderware Industrial Computers just by downloading the documents from here.

Download Industrial Computers Brochure

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Scalable and ready to go

With Wonderware Industrial Computers, you benefit from pre-installed Wonderware software on a rugged, versatile, feature-laden hardware solution. They are factory-tested, certified and ready to work right out-of-the box.

Better disaster recovery, through built-in recovery drives, with bundled Acronis True Image

Disaster recovery feature provides additional reliability and protection that enables speedy recovery and reduced downtime. Dedicated recovery drives, located right inside the box PC, eliminate frantic searching for disks when the pressure is on.
You will be backed up and running in less than an hour: Fast, reliable, secure flexibility you’ve never had before, gives you the ability to reboot, back up and modify your system as you see fit. Disaster recovery is a standard feature across the entire line.

Improved design – modularity and tool free configuration

Maintenance is so easy that it requires only limited technical knowledge and experience. Easy maintenance also boosts productivity while reducing downtime and business spare parts inventories. This means less capital invested, easier maintenance and higher availability and uptime.

Field replaceable modules for easy maintenance and lower service costs

Customers can replace InTouch Panel PCs Series D HMI easily in the field, enabling high productivity with the least amount of downtime and disruption. And, just as important, is the reduction of spare parts inventory in the supply chain — which equates to less capital invested, easier maintenance and higher availability and uptime.