Alarm and Information Management System

X-Force Alarm Information Management System software is our flagship product with more than 200 installation all over India in all major industries. Our client list includes companies like Reliance, IOCL, BPCL, NTPC, GSFC, ONGC. X-Force AIMS is Indigenous developed product of SSM. It's high-performance application to meet all the alarm and report capturing and analysis requirement suggested by major consultant like EIL, Toyo, Jacobs etc. X-Force AIMS is complete alarm, messages, event and report management package. Its in-depth and straight forward analysis reports makes problem analysis a simple task.

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You can directly know more about AIMS just by downloading the documents from here.

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Alarm Rationalization

Also called documentation and rationalization(D&R), is the procedure used to determine the optimized alarm set which can give best productive alarm system. A well-tuned alarm system can help you run your process closer to its ideal operating point - leading to higher yields. XAIMS provides tools to rationalize alarms and events and its document.

Control Panel

It is an information management tool that is used to track KPIs, metrics, and other key data points relevant to a process plant alarm flow. Through the use of data visualizations, it simplifies complex data sets to provide users a glance awareness of current performance. Through this you find out whether any improvements are needed in current system or not.


You can get various Alerts in form of SMS, Email or voice call for Early event detection, Diagnosis alerts as well as Event Notification.

Multiple Control Systems Compatibility

AIMS can communicate with any DCS/PLC/control system to capture alarms. It can be configured to get data from serial printer port, TCP/IP printer port, ODBC, OPC-AE connectivity, if required.

Centralized Enterprise Server

Enterprise server provides the facility to have an overview of entire site KPIs as per EEMUA standards for top management. Also it maintains the redundancy of Plant specific alarms.

Custom Built Reports

This is fully customized reporting solution with Advanced filtering and grouping facility in PDF/HTML/Excel formats. It can also be auto scheduled as per required shift change.