Calibration Management System

X-Force Calibration Management System is a comprehensive database software package designed for companies that must maintain calibration records under strict quality guidelines. Calibration Management Software assists in maintaining the full cycle of calibration management. It is a comprehensive Database Package to Maintain Calibration and History Records under Quality Guidelines Powerful yet easy to use calibration records management software. Provides full range of instrument types for all kind of instrument, Scheduling and reporting system. Compliance with ISO-9000 and NABL Certification.

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You can directly know more about CMS just by downloading the documents from here.

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Maintain Calibration History

It can generate calibration schedules, track history of equipment, maintain calibration history. Facility of Auto-Template is used to reduce time of logging reading inputs. We can pre-define templates with instrument range & accuracy. Pre-defined templates will provide facility to enter values within the range.

Schedule Planner

Schedule Planner is a detailed report which can give you entire month calibration schedule v/s achievement. This report can also be exported to excel format as per user requirement. You can also auto schedule to email the schedule planner report as per user requirement.

Management of Spares

Spare parts form the bedrock on which operational reliability is built and this requires appropriate storage and timely access to the required parts. Yet, spare parts are also the most overlooked contributor to reliability outcomes. Our software provides you facility to maintain the spares and assign them to actual device in order to track the spares in the plant and also provides reporting to know status of spares.

Customized Reporting and Email alerts

Extensive reporting system is developed which can be customized as per ISO standard of your industry. Template based reporting solution will help you to build reports quickly. Standard reports such as on demand/scheduled weekly pending calibration List, Yearly due calibration report, Target v/s achievement report etc. All the reports can be sent over email to pre-defined group of users. Also alerts to remind personnel of daily due calibration can be scheduled.

Compliance Dashboard

Configurable dashboards which gives details of plan v/s actual achievement of schedule, Yearly Compliance, Monthly Compliance, Upcoming schedules for the month/week etc. We provide configurable dashboards which user can configure as per their requirement. Searching details of particular tag is also possible from Dashboard.

General Features

We provide Documentation Uploading/downloading; linkage of certificate against a tag or instrument which are calibrated by some external agency; user and role based security; Instrument Calibration History; ISO certified; support to multiple Instrument Types; Audit trail and many other features. It can fully customized as per user requirement.