X-Force Customized Add-Ins

There are some small but important Add-In products that are developed by SSM InfoTech. These Add-Ins can be used mostly with all the other X-Force products to add some more and different functionalities. These Add-Ins can also be described as different products. Scroll down to know more details about these Add-Ins and with which products they can be used.

X-Force Customized Add-Ins Products

Mobile Application & Reporting

Mobile Application and Reporting is an android based application. This application can be used with any of the Software Application according to its working and needs. Mobile Application is mostly always an Android based Application. Any software solution can have a mobile application to operate or monitor the system from a remote location. The inputs can be done in the system using the mobile application by users those are given rights.

Data Acquisition System

  • Acquires data from almost any source i.e. Ethernet, Serial, OPC, ODBC, GPRS etc.
  • Smart Parallel processing of data connections
  • Redundant Architecture
  • Complex formula calculation on source data
  •    A data acquisition system (DAQ) is an information system that collects, stores and distributes information. It is used in industrial and commercial electronics, and environmental and scientific equipment to capture electrical signals or environmental conditions on a computer device.
       A data acquisition system is also known as a data logger.
        DAS is used with those Software in which there is a need of extracting or capturing data from a data source.

    Protocol Gateways

    There are different communication mediums used in an industrial network for implementing the software products. Every medium has different protocols or set of rules for communicating with each other. Protocol gateways are the code snippets that follows all these protocols rules. These protocol gateways ca be used with all of the X-Force software because all the software deals with different communication mediums.

    IIOT Solution

    Industrial Internet of Things brings together brilliant machines, advanced analytics, and people at work. It’s the network of a multitude of devices connected by communications technologies that results in systems that can monitor, collect, exchange, analyse, and deliver valuable new insights like never before. These insights can then help drive smarter, faster business decisions for industrial companies. By combining machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, industrial big data analytics, technology, cyber security, and HMI and SCADA, the IIoT is driving unprecedented levels of efficiency, productivity, and performance.

    RFID Technology

    PRFID refers to small electronic devices that consist of a small chip and an antenna. The chip typically is capable of carrying 2,000 bytes of data or less. The RFID device serves the same purpose as a bar code or a magnetic strip; it provides a unique identifier for that object. And, just as a bar code or magnetic strip must be scanned to get the information, the RFID device must be scanned to retrieve the identifying information.
    This technology can be used in different software system such as Asset Tracking, Calibration Management, Workshop Management, Inventory Management, etc.

    Sequence of Events

    Sequence of Events is mainly used with Alarm Management System. When the factory/plant is scheduled for shutdown, there is sequence of shutting each and every instrument. If that sequence is not followed then the plant can trip, and at the time of shutdown hundreds of alarms are generated. These alarm can handled by X-Force SOE.