E-Logsheet System

X-Force E-Logsheet System is a system, developed to monitor the work flow related to an operator and in-charge. To implement Operation Technology & Information Technology concept, this application is created based on cloud. It is a package of Android Application and a Web Application, both stores the data digitally. The Mobile E-logsheet Application will be installed on a damage proof tablet. Even if the tablet gets damaged the data will be able to back up.

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You can directly know more about E-Logsheet System just by downloading the documents from here.

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Entry with location tracking

The operator can enter the data using E-Logsheet mobile application. His location can be tracked by his incharge. The incharge can make sure that he is entering data in the system from the same location of the instrument/area. This will prevent false or incorrect data to be entered in the system which can stop causing a disaster.

Storing Offline Data

There is always the possibility that no internet connection would be there on field. So the E-Logsheet Application will not be able to store the online data to the server. The application will then store the data offline in the tablet’s buffer on which the application is installed, and whenever it will gets the internet connection, it will sync the data to the server.

Monitoring and Highlighting of Repeated Records

The application is used to enter the data. If the operator forgets and goes to enter the data which is already taken, when he browses that instrument he can find out that that data is already been taken. So the repetition of data will be stopped and monitored.

Historize the Data

The data entered and synchronized to the server can be saved for a long duration of time. The X-Force server can be connected to X-Force Historian System or Wondeware or any other Historian System, so that the data will be historized easily and for a long time.

Provides schedule with respect to shift

Every shift has different operators for maintaining the log of instruments. The data is read and stored in every shift. Using E-Logsheet System Mobile application, the operator will be able to see only his shift schedule and instrument/area related only to him.

Analytical Tools and Reports for Management Review

The E-Logsheet System provides feature of role and privilege management. The privileges of every user can be different. So management can review the work of operator as well incharge using different report required by him.