Emergency & Event Messaging System

X-Force Event Messaging System Generates Notification based on different Tag Event Occurrence. It provides complete solution for generation of Bidirectional SMS, Cyclic SMS Facility, Target / Alert SMS based on events / predefined Conditions. XEVMS also provides solution to send query by SMS and response will be sent to only the user with permission. XEMS system will have provision of bounce suppression to avoid repetition of same transmission. XEMS provides instant warnings and instructions to personnel during emergency situations to reduce confusion, injury and casualties in the plant.

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You can directly know more about XEMS just by downloading the documents from here.

Download Product Presentation

XEMS Presentation Download Link


  • A database system to capture, store, and process, analyse and retrieve data from OPC DA Server
  • Integrates DCS/SCADA using OPC DA and process all data at single place using X-Force Data Procure Service
  • Notification generation signal values will be acquired from DCS through OPC & Refresh rate will be min 1 min
  • Provides web based configuration and Facility to analyse History of notification & Request Response of SMS
  • Manage Configurable / Editable Signal list to generate Notifications, can broadcast message over PA system
  • X-Force Event messaging is a high-performance process System
  • Stores huge volumes of History of Notification generated from XEMS System for 1 year
  • Acquires Industrial Plant data from high-speed OPC DA Server and Generates notification on user requirement
  • Web portal give access to XEMS at anywhere using intranet without any installation
  • Generates Cyclic Notifications for Set of Parameters with values
  • Facility to manage/configure/ Edit User list or Group of Users
  • Stores runtime values of registered tags