Energy Management System & Utility Information System

X-Force Energy Monitoring System (EMS) is appropriate for Industries, Manufacturing plants, Commercial buildings or any location / site where the large amount of electrical energy is consumed. This system provides a centralized Power Monitoring facility and leads to savings in the overall Energy cost. X-Force EMS is a system comprising of Hardware and Software tools to Monitor, Control and optimize the performance of the Electrical Energy being used. EMS is Integrated part of Utility Information System (UIS). The System consolidates the real time data capturing and provides monitoring and analysis facility for all utilities like Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, Steam etc.

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You can directly know more about EMS just by downloading the documents from here.

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Direct Economy Returns

There is a direct economic return. Most opportunities found in an energy survey have less than a two year payback. Some are immediate, such as load shifting or going to a new electric rate schedule.

Consolidate All Energy Related Data

Energy-related data comes from purchased utilities, generated utilities, building automation systems (BAS), metering systems (both advanced and manually read), weather, computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), and space planning systems. Additionally an EMS manages rate and billing data, users, and organizational information.

Reduction Energy Costs

You can get various Alerts in form of SMS, Email or voice call for Early event detection, Diagnosis alerts as well as Event Notification.

Advanced Ethernet Communication Driver

AIMS can communicate with any DCS/PLC/control system to capture alarms. It can be configured to get data from serial printer port, TCP/IP printer port, ODBC, OPC-AE connectivity, if required.

Client\Server Based Architecture

Enterprise server provides the facility to have an overview of entire site KPIs as per EEMUA standards for top management. Also it maintains the redundancy of Plant specific alarms.

Customizable Web based Graphical Displays And Report

This is fully customized reporting solution with Advanced filtering and grouping facility in PDF/HTML/Excel formats. It can also be auto scheduled as per required shift change.

Personalized alerts

The Utility Management System allows user to set the personalized set points for the alerts. The user can himself set the range or criteria, at which point he should get alerts.


The UIS architecture will consist of redundant UIS servers. Using redundant server if one server fails or loose connection even for a little time then the another server for UIS will immediately start working. Doing this the work or monitoring will not be stopped or paused.

Calculations & Reconciliation

Spare parts form the bedrock on which operational reliability is built which requires appropriate storage & timely access to the required parts. Our software provides you facility to maintain the spares and assign them to actual device in order to track the spares and also provides reporting to know status of spares.

Cumulative Roll-Over

If the currently working and synced meter fails or is been changed the UIS will store its reading details. And after replacing the meter the reading at which the previous meter was stopped, the new meter will continue the reading from that count. This is the feature which accumulates the roll over of reading and meter change.

Multiple Configuration

The Utility Management System supports OLEDB, OPC-DA, SQL Connectivity to acquire data from almost any source like Ethernet, Serial, OPC, ODBC, GPRS, PLC buffers, Pulse, Data Concentrators, ODBC, FTP, etc.

Web Configurator

The UIS web based software, can be configured from anywhere from browser. Configuration of devices, screens, trends, history, alarms and reports can be done easily with UIS. Separate security is provided in multiple plants as per role architecture. It support multiple vendor devices configuration.