Xinformation - Customer Relationship Management Solution

X-information CRM portal is an information Management Portal related to Business data which can help you to analyse, maintain and review your business growth. it's a completely advanced and transparant user experience that is immersive, engaging, and intuitive. Xinformation covers all the aspects of your organization's Opportunity and Project planning with the business process optimization work flow.

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You can directly know more about Xinfo-CRM just by downloading the documents from here.

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Project Management

The project is required to describe in more details the planning of the project and its organization. It includes unique ID generation, all related documents, Project amount, engineer details, invoicing status etc. This module covers all the major features which are required for any smooth execution of any project.

Business Achievements

For any industry to grow, its business and profit are 2 important factors. X-Force Portal can give you overall idea of all the company profits, payment out standings, department profit, top N Bad actors of the years etc in form of dashboard which can give you overview of company’s business in nutshell.

Human Resource Management

For Any organization to grow, its employees are the key resource. To manage an employees details, we provide solution which can manage the employees details such as attendance, its training, payroll, leaves. HRMS also includes reports which will help you to analyse the performance and other details pertaining to an employee.

Material Management

Material Management is one of the most important factor in any industry or factory, It takes a lot of effort to manage the whole material manually. Material Management Module of CRM Portal really helps you well to track order, invoicing, payment, receipt of all material against a particular project or order for timely completion of project.

Business Reports

Business reports helps you to do analysis of business w. r. t. manpower, company profit reports and any customized report as per user requirement.

General Features

Features such as Documentation Upload; Advance And Voucher Management; Internal Complain Management are available. Fully customized and can be enhanced as per user requirement.