X-Interface Data Interface

X-Interface Software is an out-of-box product that provides single platform where all requirement are fulfilled. It captures real time Environment parameters from various instrument/analyzers and stores data for long duration and future analysis. It converts data to the required format by Pollution Control Board and transfers data to Pollution Control Board On-line website as per statutory requirement.


You can directly know more about X-Interface just by downloading the documents from here.

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Data Storage for longer period

  • It can store data for years to come
  • This data can be viewed in tabular format as and when required based on day/month
  • Single Software takes care for all three functions,

  • Data Acquisition
  • Format Conversion
  • Data Transfer to Pollution Control Board
  • Email Report

    Daily Email report for parameters logged with Minimum, Maximum, Average and Standard Deviation values

    Providing Instruments/Analyser for parameter Measurement

    SMS Alert

    Provides SMS Alert based on limit configuration done for individual parameters

    Trend Application

  • Allows you to view history data in form of trend for analysis of logged parameters
  • It provides easy platform for analysis
  • Data Acquisition

  • 4-20 mA input from instrument
  • RS-485 Modbus communication from Online Analyzers
  • Connectivity with SCADA System thru OPC
  • ODBC Connectivity for data acquisition