WeighBridge Management System

X-Force Weighbridge Management is a system to maintain all details of weighment of the road vehicles like trucks; at the time of their loading and unloading. It helps to find the exact weight carried by the vehicle, its contractor, loaded material details etc. X-Force WBMS Software is available in Windows as well as web based application; used to extract data, collect it and perform various functions to manage the weighing information generated at the time of Weighing. Also Systems allow third party integration support for ease in analytics.

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You can directly know more about WBMS just by downloading the documents from here.

Download Product Presentation

WBMS Presentation Download Link


Connectivity to Most Weighing Indicators

X-Force Weighbridge System can easily extract raw data from almost all weighing indicators like CAS, Avery Weigh - Tronix, Sartorius, Leotronic and convert data into business intelligence to manage weighing information generated at the time of weighing.

Eliminate Double, Inaccurate Weighting and Frauds

X-Force Weighbridge Management System Software collects the data from Weigh indicators directly and process various functions which generate reports, using that any illegal activities can be analysed and it helps to reduce the frauds and illegal activities.

Data Synchronization

WBMS Software provide separate data synchronization facility on server which will synchronize user data in the two server systems. It can be scheduled yearly, monthly and weekly basis.

Customized Reporting System

X-Force Weighbridge Management System is a fully customizable software and as per user requirement various customized reports can be generated and into various forms like PDF, EXCEL and HTML etc.

Track Records of Vehicles

X-Force Weighbridge Management System provides the facility to enter all the details of vehicles and store it in the database and using that we can fetch data of various attributes.

Notification Through E-mails

Notifies all activities through E-mails like information about weighing activities to concern person, product and vehicle history to technician and daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports.