Workshop Management System

X-Force Workshop Management System is the combo of different modules which includes Asset Management, Inventory & Spare Management, Job Tracking, Testing & Check-lists, Calibration Management and Workflow & Approvals. With help of WsMS i.e. Workshop Management System, you can track you instruments, their status, it’s capacity to work, and related activities like Allocation, Schedule, running, Testing, Calibration, Rework, Completed, Packing, Ready for Dispatch, etc. These activities can be viewed using devices like Computer, Laptop, Tablet or even your smart phone.

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You can directly know more about WsMS just by downloading the documents from here.

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Module Job Tracking

Allocation and scheduling of each Job to workshop equipment/operator or area of workshop is done with Job Que Management and priority handling. It will also contain the list of processes and procedures that are to be followed while doing the particular job. It will also describe the skills, certification, equipment, spares and material required to do that particular job. The status of job can be tracked like Allocated, Scheduled, Running, Testing, Calibration, Rework, Completed, Packing, Ready for Dispatch. Status can be defined by users.

Spare Management

Whenever the instrument fails, it becomes the urgent requirement to replace or change it. So using workshop management system, finding the spare instrument at the time of failure of instrument becomes easy. Defining the Bill Of Material i.e. BOM for instrument and manage the stock of spares in local stores becomes easier. Using WsMS one can define the consumables and material required for particular job, step or process and can track the usage and maintain re-ordering levels. Fields related to ERP/SAP material codes and tracking details are available.

Scheduling - Planning

Workshop Management System can generate a schedule based on various job types and its frequency. The schedule can be generated weekly, monthly or yearly with its planner reports. According to the jobs and equipment used in it, different queues will be generated. The jobs will be scheduled as per the equipment and operator. Also the tracking of each job can be done through workshop management software.


Different reports are generated, the reports like Schedule, Job Report, Test Report, Calibration Report, Stock Report, Equipment and required spares, Repair history with used spares, Operator Efficiency Report, Workshop Equipment Efficiency Report, Inventory and Stock related reports, Workflow related reports. In WsMS Versioning can also be done and ISO related fields are available for report format management.

Role Management

Role based security is possible in Workshop Management System. The roles can be integrated and authenticated with active directory and digital signature so that roles can be mapped through Active directory. WsMS supports virtual environment. Compatible with latest operating system and office software with 64 bit compilation.


The Workshop Management System can be integrated with Label Printers of specific sizes and type like barcode and RFID. Can be integrated with barcode scanners for recognizing instruments, test equipment to have serial communication with master calibrator. Can also be integrated with SAP & ERP.